Monday, July 19, 2010

Pay Your Workers - It is a Mitzvah

Did you ever ride in a taxi or eat in a restaurant? Did you ever hire someone to mow your lawn or walk your dog? I am sure you have. Most people do. Guess what: you have to pay him when the ride is over or he finishes the job. You have to pay him in full, too. Obvious?

It is also a mitzvah.

Did you know that? It is a mitzvah to pay your workers on time.

Think about it. The cabbie may love his job. The guy who mows the lawn may love pushing the lawn mower around. But love isn’t why people go to work.

People work because they want to get paid. They have to feed their kids, pay bills, pay rent, and buy things. They need the money.

When you don’t pay your workers on time – because you forgot, couldn’t be bothered, or whatever – you are messing up more than just yourself. Your worker can’t take care of his responsibilities or pay his debts. And it is your fault.

And worse – you are putting him in an uncomfortable position. It is weird asking other people for money. It is awkward and uncomfortable. Especially when you have to ask more than once. He needs the money – he doesn’t want to bother you – but he needs to. He gets mad. He is disappointed. And it is worse if he wants to work for you again or you need to hire him again. Weird.

Pay your workers on time. Pay them when they finish the job or at the time that you agreed to in advance. It is the right thing to do. And they will appreciate it.

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