ToTally Online Hebrew School

Do you remember Hebrew School? Was it boring? Those days are over.

Introducing ToTally Online.

ToTally Online is an online Hebrew School. It is interactive, engaging, meaningful, and entertaining. It is for children ages 8-11. It is open to everyone, regardless of denomination or background. You participate from home. And you don't need much to get started: just a computer and a broadband internet connection.

ToTally Online is safe, secure, and ToTally fun!

ToTally Online is inspired instructors, experts, and incredible content. It is videos, music, and animation. It is an online classroom: learning is live and interactive. The other students are real people. The instructors are real people, too. You ask questions in real time. You win prizes, bonuses, rewards, perks, and incentives.

ToTally Online is interesting, relevant, and engaging. And it is fun, too. Your child will be proud to be Jewish. And your child will enjoy being Jewish.

ToTally Online.

Hebrew School, but different from what you remember. Click here to check out a great archived class.

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