ToTally Online Hebrew School FAQ

How does it work?

Class is once a week. Your child logs into an online classroom. A live instructor is waiting. Other students attend the class as well. The instructor reviews last week’s material. He introduces new information. He discusses the topics with the class. He asks questions and gives rewards. And he preps new material.

Is there homework?

Of course. Totally Online isn’t fluff. It is real work. Your child is expected to make an effort, pass tests, and learn.

But who said that homework is a drag?

Totally Online homework is fun. It includes videos, interactive games, music, projects, animation, and quizzes. It is prerecorded and archived classes. The teachers are experts. Your child will be engaged and challenged.

And homework is an opportunity for the whole family. You can read, study, watch, discuss, and work with your child.

Will my child win prizes?

Oh yeah. Our instructors have tickets and prizes. They ask questions and pose challenges. They engage your child. And the more your child participates - the more he gets!

What if I miss a session?

Not a problem. That is the beauty of an online Hebrew School. All the material is archived. Your child can watch it again and again.

And if you miss something, you can make it up. It is that easy.

And it is sophisticated.

Our technology is so good; your child can even interact with the archived content. He can answer poll questions and quizzes, ask questions, and compete for prizes.

Is the instructor a talking head?

Not at all.

The instructor is a real person. He is your child’s teacher. He is there to take an interest in your child. You can contact him. Ask him questions. Set up a meeting off-line or off-hours. Discuss problems or concerns. And give or get feedback about how your child is doing.

It is just like having a real teacher – live and in person – except that it is online.

Who are you?

Totally Online is the online voice of the Total Hebrew School network.

Total Hebrew Schools are in hundreds of communities throughout North America. Total is a vast library of materials, tools, games, and programs. Total has years of experience.

And Total is big.

The Total Hebrew School network is a project of Afikim.

When your child enrolls in Totally Online, you become a part of the Afikim family. You have access to hundreds of teachers, rabbis, and educators located throughout North America. You have a contact for every facet of Jewish life – from your child’s Bar Mitzvah, to a birth, to a wedding, to the death of a loved one. You are a part of a community. And Afikim will introduce you to someone nearby – in your town or a few miles away.

What will my child learn?

Your child will hear ninety minutes of new content every week. Some of it will be presented at the weekly live class. Some of it will be homework.

Your child will study three topics:
  • Hebrew Reading
  • Jewish Literacy
  • Mitzvahs
Hebrew Reading
Words, letters, vowels, grammar, and pronunciation – everything is presented in an engaging, easy-to-digest format. Your child will learn the building blocks of the Hebrew language.

Jewish Literacy
Judaism is relevant. It means something. But you can’t know that if you don’t know what it is. Every Jew needs to know the basics. Your child will learn Jewish lifecycle, calendar, and history. He will learn about important Jewish people. He will learn the stories and traditions. And he will know what it means to be Jewish.

Judaism is utopian. You can change the world.

But how does it work and what do you do?

Your child will learn the commandments: how they apply and how they are relevant. Your child will learn about Tikun Olam. He will learn about charity, chesed, the power of words, and how to be a better friend.

And he will learn how to make the world a better place.

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